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We believe what was once magical in videogames stopped being magical a long time ago. There is a huge potential to leverage the latest technology to empower players and game creators in ways they never imagined.


To bring magical experiences to the fingertips of players and game creators.

We have a bleeding passion to reinvent how virtual worlds work. Big budget games have converged to the same design for years, due to an inherent problem in how they are made. Meanwhile, technologies such as artificial intelligence have advanced dramatically.

We believe that magic is the result of combining cutting-edge technology with meaningful ways to experience it. We aim at nothing less than to reinvent how virtual worlds are experienced and created, so that we can bring magic back at the fingertips of players and game creators.


Founding Team

We come from combined decades of research, experience and passion in the field of Deep Learning applied to fields such as gaming, enterprise and academia. We were also key players in pioneering some of the first implementations of reinforcement learning based locomotion in the whole gaming industry.


Jorge del Val


Jorge has been a research engineer in the field of deep learning in the sectors of videogames, enterprise, and academia for a decade while also collaborating as lecturer in several programs. With a deep passion for applied mathematics, he is fanatic about applying new technologies to change industries.

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Jack Harmer


Jack has a PhD in Physics and has focused on deep learning ever since, serving as a research engineer in several known videogame studios. He lives for reinforcement learning algorithms, workflows and tooling, and he won't stop until AI has reached its full potential.

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