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At Latent we strive to reinvent how games are experienced and created using cutting-edge AI. We are currently building the next generation, real-time animation technology for virtual worlds, which we believe that has the potential to change everything.

You can be one of the first engineers in our team. We are looking, first and foremost, for passion. Passion to change how things are currently done, passion for technology, passion for adventure, passion to be in the heart of something great.

Apart from that, you are an experienced, London-based software engineer who knows how to set up diverse software processes running in the cloud (preferably AWS) without problem; including, why not, a game engine itself. You know how to provision instances with all the necessary drivers, GPU configurations, and tie them to accessible scripts or CI. You know as well how to design how those processes would communicate with each other using the best protocols and serializations of data (e.g. protobuf).

Also, you pride yourself in being a bit of a generalist, and you are curious and capable to learn about anything.

If you don't fit perfectly in this description, but you are driven and you think you can learn what it takes, then we would love to hear from you as well.


London, UK




  • Knowledge and experience dealing with cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, or Azure.

  • Solid software engineering skills in complex, multi-language systems. Fluency in Python.

  • Building end to end data systems as an ML Engineer, Platform Engineer, or equivalent.

  • Interest and experience supporting engineering teams in creating robust processes for automation, reliability, and instrumentation.

  • Experience deploying and running complex processes in the cloud.

  • Self-driven / have a growth mindset: Ability to collaborate, but also take the lead and work independently when needed.

Good to have

  • Experience dealing with game engines.

  • Experience implementing ML algorithms.

  • High-level knowledge of reinforcement learning techniques.

What we offer

  • Early-stage EMI stock options (benefitial tax treatment) with amazing growth opportunities.

  • Competitive salary.

  • Flexible policy for working from home. Although we are not hiring remote positions, we allow for some days a week working from home.

  • An epic journey as one of the first employees of a company with an ambitious mission.

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