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At Latent we strive to reinvent how games are experienced and created using cutting-edge AI. We are currently building the next-generation, real-time animation technology for virtual worlds, which we believe has the potential to change everything.


We are looking, first and foremost, for passion. Passion for disrupting the status quo, passion for technology, passion for adventure, passion to be at the heart of something great.


In addition to this, you’re an experienced software engineer based in London who has in-depth knowledge of Unreal Engine. You have completed projects in UE4 and are eager to work with or learn the latest features of UE5. You are not afraid to dig down and hack it if necessary. Additionally, you also have a strong understanding of how to design tools or plugins for Unreal developers. You have experience working with physics in your projects and are comfortable diving into the Chaos or PhysX engines when necessary. Apart from that, you have experience working with software in general and feel confident taking the lead in your own work.


You likely have some experience in character animation and may even have dabbled in machine learning at some point. You are really interested, for example, in digging down into the newly released Learning Agents plugin for UE5.


Your role will involve spearheading the integration of our cutting-edge technology into a functional Unreal-based product.


You consider yourself a generalist, fueled by curiosity and capable of learning new skills and concepts across different domains.


If you don't tick every box but are driven, knowledgeable, and confident you have what it takes, we'd still love to hear from you.


London, UK




  • Expert-level programming experience in C++, python, and other applicable programming languages.

  • Deep knowledge of Unreal Engine, being able to implement clean APIs interacting with game logic and developing software applications.

  • Experience in the development of Unreal Engine tools, 3rd party plugins, services or SDKs.

  • Self-driven / have a growth mindset: Ability to collaborate, but also take the lead and work independently when needed

Good to have

  • Experience with physics engines.

  • Experience in animation (traditional, IK, or physics-based).

What we offer

  • Early-stage EMI stock options (benefitial tax treatment) with amazing growth opportunities.

  • Competitive salary.

  • Flexible policy for working from home. Although we are not hiring remote positions, we allow for some days a week working from home.

  • An epic journey as one of the first employees of a company with an ambitious mission.

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